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About Me

Director. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

Alisa Pien is a Thailand based filmmaker graduated for Film major of Bangkok University. She has won several award nationally and internationally in the filmmaking and advertisement scene. She began to pursue her passion in filmmaking since she was 13. Her film have been screened in several film festival in Asia and Europe including Beijing, Mexico, Berlin, Kolkata, and Bucharest

As a director, Alisa believes in the flexibility of storytelling and visual with that in mind she is open to a wide varieties of project such as musical, fantasy, drama and comedy etc. She is greatly influenced by her background in performance arts and with her passion for fashion her work has a sense of stylized and trendy visual.


“I believe in the power of storytelling as a communication tool. I would like to use this to express myself and tell more fun or heartwarming stories” 


She is also a female right advocate vocalizing for gender equality and anti-discrimination campaign in Thailand.


Her past work includes: Short films, music videos for “Thaitanium” Zweed n’Roll“ ”Cocktail” and advertisement for Nike, Valorant, Burger King,  SCB, PTT, Caltex, AIS etc.  


Silver Award: The 5th Asia University Film Festival 

"The Modern Mom" 2018

Best Mockumentary:Oniros Film Award (July), Italy

"The Modern Mom" 

Winner Best Student Film - August Edition

"Short to the Point”, Czech Republic 

"The Modern Mom" 2018

Official Selection - Calcutta International Cult Film Festival 2018, India

"The Modern Mom" 2018


Official Selection (Semi-Finalist) Near Nazareth Festival ( NNF) 2018, Israel 

"The Modern Mom" 2018

September Monthly Official Selection - Moscow Shorts International Short Film Festival, Russia 

"The Modern Mom" 2018

Official Selection- Berlin Feminist Film Week, Germany

"Jam" 2017

  • Standard CM Category Award and the Audience Award  Advertisement Competition 10th GATSBY Student CM Awards

  • "Gatsby The life Saver" 2016

Jenesys 2.0 Award at the 17thai Short Film & Video Festival​​

"What would you do?" 2013 

Big Kid's Creative Award, Banfkok International Student Film Festival

"Oh Vivian" (2012) 

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